Reverse Logistics and Returns

Manage and add value to your returned products

Some explanations

What is Reverse Logistics?

According to The Council of Logistics Management, the full definition of reverse logistics is the process of implementing, controlling, and planning the cost-effective flow of finished goods, raw materials, and in-process inventory. The flow is from the point of consumption (i.e., the customer) to the point of origin (i.e., the manufacturer), to properly dispose of these or to recapture value.

Returns are growing strong among retails sales

Returns, a growing tendency in in-store and online retail

Reverse logistics encompasses all the supply chain  processes for returned products and materials traveling “backward” through the supply chain. Hence the name reverse logistics.

This includes anything from returned goods, disposal/recycling of packaging materials, responsible disposal of previously sold products, etc.

Proportion of returns among total retail sales in the U.S., in %

2021 - 16.6%
2020 - 10.6%
Source : NRF (National Retail Federation) and Appriss Retail

As the share of e-commerce and drop-shipping continues to increase drastically, and as customers expect to be able to return products, online retailers are now facing a challenge when managing and creating added value from the high volumes of returns.

Proportion of returns for online sales in the U.S., in %

2021 - 20.8%
2020 - 18.1%
Source : NRF and Appriss Retail

Supply chain actors and manufacturers are waking up from years of “sweeping things under the rug” and are now treating Reverse logistics as an important aspect of their business proposal.

Categories driving more return, in %

Source : NRF
BRAND & BUSINESS INCUBATOR can help your company add value to its returned products

Turnkey solution for reverse logistics and returns

BRAND & BUSINESS INCUBATOR has set up an all-inclusive and fully integrated return management process for its existing customers and for new clients. We follow specific guidelines built in partnership with our clients that include, but are not limited to:

  • Insert return instructions in outgoing orders,
  • Receive and segregate the returned products,
  • Discard and recycle damaged products and packaging,
  • Test the product following the company instructions,
  • Follow instructions if product fails the tests,
  • Clean and refurbish tested products,
  • Repack the refurbished item and add new accessories as necessary,
  • Repack and restock the product,
  • Donate the products to Charity,
  • Systematically recycle returned products,
  • Resell returned products to discounters,
  • ...
BBInc can help you add value to your returned products and goods, bring you peace of mind and have this challenging issue under control.
With BBInc returns management you are always in control of your brand and products. Your returned products will be handled exactly as you tell us.
BRAND & BUSINESS INCUBATOR is as concerned as you are by protecting our planet, we always choose for the most environmentally friendly shipping option for returns and recycle as much as we can when having to destroy returned goods. BBInc will also always encourage products second-life.